Alicia Keys – “In Common” Review

After a four year break, Alicia Keys is back with an infectious tropical/dancehall track in the form of “In Common.”

We all rely on Keys delivering a huge singalong ballad that is a staple on the radios for the whole year – we all remember “Empire State of Mind (Part II)” right? Well, if you’ve been waiting for a Key’s ballad you’re in for a major disappointment.

“In Common” fits right in with the dancehall vibe that 2016 seems to be oozing – think Drake’s “One Dance” and Rihanna’s “Work.”

On this sure fire summer smash, Keys’ saves her powerful pipes, choosing a hushed tone to discuss the similarities between two lovers; “We got way too much in common/if I’m being honest with you.”

The minimalist production of this track consists of minimal beats that are interweaved with Caribbean and Afrobeat vibes that surprisingly suit Keys’ refined vocal.

If “In Common” is anything to go by Keys’ next album will be a much-needed turning point in her career, which has relied on piano led mid-tempo tracks.

Could this alienate old fans? Sure, they want another “No One,” but will it bring Keys to a new and wider audience? Definitely!


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