How do we solve a problem like Azealia Banks?

She’s at it again, Azealia Banks has let loose on Twitter at her latest victim, Zayn Malik.

Malik is on the receiving end of racial and homophobic slurs (bare in mind he’s not actually gay) in some of Banks’ vilest ever tweets.

So, what has he done to deserve such a thrashing from the hip-hop star? Well, not much to be honest. In his new video for “Like I Would,” he uses similar shots and effects that Banks used in her “Yung Rapunxel.”

Totally undeserved! The shots she’s comparing have been used for years, she was not the first so why has she got her knickers in a twist? Who knows why she ever blows up at fellow musicians.

It all started nicely with this Instagram picture:

However, after Malik’s cryptic tweets Banks let loose:

Oh…and she also started on Capital FM and Disney star and new worldwide meme star, Skai Jackson – who totally owned her!!!

As you’ll be aware by now, this is not the first time Banks has let rip on someone over Twitter, some include Lily Allen, Perez Hilton and Nicki Minaj.

It’s a shame really, Banks is a formidable hip-hop star with the technical skill to totally destroy any other rapper – male or female.

With once a promising career ahead of her, Banks now looks like all she’ll be remembered for is her now tedious trollings over Twitter.

We need another three albums like Broke With Expensive Taste (which is totally amazing, go listen to it now) before this vile rant is forgotten.


Banks is trying to make peace with the world by apologising for how she made people feel:

Could this be the end of her career? Let us know below!

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