Lianne La Havas – “Midnight” Review

The effortlessly cool Lianne La Havas returns with neo-soul inspired “Midnight.”La Havas has been missing from the singles front since last November, but finally, one of the best singles off her fantastic sophomore album, Blood, is being released!

“Midnight” is a brassy track that incorporates R&B tones to add layers that were missing on her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough?

The track starts off subtle enough before the brass band come in and lift the song – as well as La Havas – to new heights, and while the production in the chorus is busy it doesn’t come across as an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach.

Her vocals have a vintage-esque distortion which adds to the throwback vibe that the track – as well as the rest of the album – try to exude. The distortion doesn’t take away from La Havas’s powerful vocals that are on full display during the bridge.

La Havas has a confidence on this track that sounds reminiscent of Amy Winehouse which is beautiful to hear. Without putting too much pressure on the star, do we have out next Winehouse? If La Havas can bring her A-game to her third album, there is a strong chance we have!

Listen to the perfect ‘sun-lounger by the pool’ “Midnight” below.

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