Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion – Review

Sorry Madonna, but there’s a new Queen of reinvention in town – that’s right, Lady Gaga is back with her rock-inspired new single, “Perfect Illusion.”

Let’s get one thing straight, if you’re here for a “Bad Romance” pt2 then you may as well carry on with your day – adios. “Perfect Illusion” is continuing Gaga’s brand of constant reinvention, and not just in her sound this time, but in her more demure and less ‘Gaga’ look – which in some ways is the weirdest thing she’s done.

Right, onto the track…

Gaga’s gone rock everybody! Hardcore fans know that she loves a bit of rock and after experimenting with a little rock on the anthemic Born This Way album, she’s back with one hand firmly rooted in a bucket full of rock.

Since the polarising ARTPOP, Gaga has been on a mission to prove she’s more than just a pop act, first, with her joint Tony Bennet jazz album, Cheek to Cheek and then her operatic influenced tribute to Julie Andrews at the Oscars. Both efforts showing the casual listener that she actually has a set of pipes on her.

Well, the new track proves just that. Taking a page from Sia’s book, Gaga lets the flaws and cracks in her voice shine brightly over a thumping Mark Ronson and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker’s 70s pop-rock production.

On first listen it’s very strange to hear such a raw and untouched track from her, but once you get over the fact that she’s not going back to her old days and instead pushing her artistic efforts into new territory, the track is a banger!

The lyrics discuss a relationship that is thought to be full of love and happiness, but in the end was just an illusion created by both sides to try and keep the relationship alive – finally gone are ARTPOP’s constant references to Greek gods and other concepts too big to get your head around.


No, it’s not a “Just Dance,” “Bad Romance” or (for better or worse…I’m sure most would agree better) “Applause,” it’s something more, it’s organic and inspired, something missing from 99% of top 40 radio nowadays.

Go on, give it a listen or ten and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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