Katy Perry – “Chained to the Rhythm” Music Video

Say what you will about Katy Perry, but she sure knows how to pack a punch with a music video, and “Chained to the Rhythm” is no exception.

We’ve had the light and cartoon-like Teenage Dream era and the self-deprecating humour of the Prism era; here in her new era she merges them both and adds a new, political and socially aware layer.

The music video is very smart, it’s actually a really deep video that has a clear message, yet it is inoffensive and ‘classic Perry’ enough to not put off the general listener/viewer.

The video is set in a theme park called ‘Oblivia’ which can be taken as a comment on the obliviousness of America at the moment, like the constant defending of Trump and his actions.

There’s a moment where a group of people take a selfie in sync, this can only relate to the social media obsession and constant need to show our ‘perfect’ pictures to the world.

In another part sees a black couple literally being thrown over a picket fence on a ride called ‘No Place Like Home’ – another Trump dig, this time at his attempted immigrant ban and foolish idea to build a wall.

Perry nods to the LGBT community too, on one ride called ‘Love Me’, there are blue and pink seats where couples sit, potentially nodding to how certain people believe homosexuality is wrong.

Towards the end of the video, Perry starts to see the park as it actually it, not the fake smiles and blind rule following, but a rather depressed, dark and twisted place – just like this world.

While the lyrics might be subtle in its political stance, the video is less so, but it completely works.

Check out the politically charged music video below and let us know your thoughts!

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