The Brits 2017 Rewind

That times upon us again, yes, it’s time the Brits 2017.

This year’s the awards show was presented by the stunning Emma Willis and Dermot O’Leary in place of Michael Bublé who cancelled to spend time with his ill son.

So, how did the notoriously tough crowd take to the night?

Surprisingly well. They usually talk the whole way through the show and barely pay attention to anything. However, some things never change, the crowd interaction, once with Ed Sheeran and then Rag’n’Bone Man was painfully awkward, as always.

Were there any surprises on the big night? Well, there was supposed to be. Coldplay and The Chainsmokers collaborated on what was meant to be the surprise of the night for their new track “Something Just Like This.” Underwhelming really, but more of that later on.

Something that did make the awkward show feel slightly more rock’n’roll than it has for the last few years was the fact they allowed swearing. Presenters, Jonathon Ross and Dermot O’Leary swore on two separate occasions, but that’s really as hardcore as it got.

Now onto what everyone really watches the Brits for, the performances!

The Performances: From the worst to best –

*working on getting all footage

Coldplay & The Chainsmokers – “Something Just Like This”

We’ve already mentioned this, but really? Why? There was no need for this collaboration, nobody on this planet asked for this!!! And for it to be mentioned across the show as ‘not to be missed’ just made it worst.

Robbie Williams – “The Heavy Entertainment Show”/”Love My Life”/”Mixed Signals”

Again, there was just no point. He won the Brits Icon award, which is well deserved for his success over the years, but nowadays does anyone really care about Williams? He ended the show in what is known as the prime performance slot. It just didn’t fit the night.

Little Mix – “Shout Out To My Ex”

Placing Little Mix this far down may seem harsh, but the night was full of strong performances. The girls sounded and danced great, but on the night, it just wasn’t enough to come out on top.

Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like”

Have you ever watched a Bruno Mars performance? If you have, then you’d know what to expect. Great vocals, dancing, his band, and that’s about it. Yes, Mars sounded great but he brought nothing new to the show. Very forgettable.

Skepta – “Shutdown”

Grime has reached The Brits stage, and about time too! The genre, born in the U.K, finally made a mainstream impression and Skepta killed it. Least half of the performance wasn’t muted out like Kanye’s!

The 1975 – “The Sound”

This performance was great! Lead singer, Matthew Healy’s vocals were on point, the stage set up was great, but the best thing about the performance was what many people thought was a hack. Words on the screen blasting the band kept appearing, just like Lady Gaga has done a few times. Confronting critics and criticisms on a stage that big is a risky move, but luckily it paid off.

Chris Martin & George Michael – “A Different Corner” Tribute

Chris Martin started off shaky on his tribute to the late, great George Michael, but he quickly recovered on the first chorus. However, this performance became special when Michael was played and the two duetted. Yes, Martin was out-sung by a dead man, but they sounded great together and it was such an emotion performance felt by the whole room.

Katy Perry – “Chained to the Rhythm”

It started out like her Grammy performance which Katy Perry making her way through white houses, however, it quickly became a special part of the night thanks to two huge puppet skeletons of Trump and Theresa May. It was a smart move of Perry to make the performance British so we can connect better. Looks like Perry’s ‘purposeful pop’ is really picking up wind.

Ed Sheeran ft. Stormzy – “Castle on The Hill” & “Shape of You”

“Castle on the Hill” may be a slightly worse single than “Shape of You” but live it sounds a lot better with its rocky/folky vibe. “Shape” just didn’t pack a punch live, in a huge stadium…until Stormzy came out. The two performers who have such different sounds can together and it never sounded too good. Petition to get their version released as a single.

Emeli Sandé – “Hurts”

EMELI KILLED IT AGAIN! “Hurts” is such an underrated single, it’s amazing that it’s been given such a stage to show its greatness on. Four years on she shows no signs of slowing down. Sandé’s vocals were soft when they had to be and strong in all the right places. In an interview after she said she channelled all the hurt that people are feeling over the world into that performance, and it really showed!

The winners

MasterCard Album of the Year – David Bowie –  Blackstar

Single of the Year – Little Mix – “Shout out to my Ex

British Female – Emeli Sandé

British Male – David Bowie

British Group – The 1975

British Video – One Direction – “History” (this is why fan awards should be banned, the best doesn’t win, the most popular wins.)

Breakthrough Act – Rag’n’Bone Man

Critics’ Choice – Rag’n’Bone Man

Brits Icon – Robbie Williams

Global Success – Adele

International Male – Drake

International Female – Beyoncé

International Group – A Tribe Called Quest

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