Emeli Sandè – “Highs & Lows” Review

Fresh off the back of her Brit award for British Female, Emeli Sandè is readying the release her new single, “Highs & Lows.”

This album campaign may not be as big and reported on as her last, but that doesn’t meant the material is worse.

“Highs & Lows” is a soul leaning pop record that we’re used to hearing from Sandè. The track slows down the claps used in the epic “Hurts” and adds a little bit more joy rather than sorrow.

What’s great about each release from Long Live The Angels is that they all sound different, “Hurts” was a mid-tempo, clap-tastic open letter to an ex, “Breathing Underwater” was a straight up ballad, and now this, that brings “Next to Me” vibes.

Sandè’s vocals here are strong as always, acting as the main draw in to the track.

While this is one of the best songs from the album along with “Hurts,” I’m still waiting for “Babe” to be released. It’s an awesome jam and sounds nothing like Sandè has ever done!

What do you think of the track? Let us know in the comments below!

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