Song of the Week: Julian Jordan – “Say Love”

Dutch DJ, Julian Jordan, along with the help of vocalist, Sj, has easily smashed the rest of this weeks pop releases to claim our Song of the Week with “Say Love.”

This week hasn’t been the greatest in terms of new pop releases, in fact, it’s been pretty dire, but let’s not that take away from this superb track.

Featuring artist, S’s voice isn’t hidden like on many EDM tracks, in fact, it plays as the main focus point through the verses. The soft tones in her voice rest gently on the tropical-esque beats.

What makes this track great is its restrained chorus. Many EDM songs let loose on the chorus and throws everything, including the kitchen sink into the production, which ends up ruining the song. Here, just where songs would usually breakdown, but here it stays restrained and rather than taking over, it works with Sj’s voice

Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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