Ed Sheeran – “Divide” Review

Oh look, Ed Sheeran has released another Ed Sheeran album – well half of one.

Celebrating eight weeks at the top of the singles chart with “Shape Of You,” Sheeran has finally released his third album – and another mathematical symbol – Divide.

Let’s get straight to the point, if you like Sheeran you’ll like this album, and if you don’t like Sheeran you might like part of this album.

This album is at its bet when Sheeran doesn’t do typical Sheeran – think “A Team” and “Thinking Out Loud.”

It’s songs like “Shape Of You,” “New Man,” and “Galway Girl” where he really shines on Divide. They mix his amazing songwriting, wit, and ability to switch between singing and rapping to make a “tune.”

“Galway Girl” is an Irish-folk song mixed with a hint of pop and it just works. This song is – and this is coming from someone that’s not his biggest fan – perfect. Everything about it shows Sheeran at his very best.

There are plenty of songs that follow the similar vibe, “Barcelona” tries and fails, while “Nancy Mulligan” doesn’t quite reach the highs.

There’s the good – now onto the bad…

Every other song on the album is a Sheeran song.

The typical folk-pop is there with the rock-esque choruses on some tracks like “Castle on the Hill” – however, that is the best out of the bunch.

Many of the tracks like “Perfect” and “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” sound as though they’re going for a “Thinking Out Loud” part II.

While it’s smart on one front as he is appealing to his core fanbase, it just comes off boring and expected – something that’s not great when it comes to developing as an artist.

Thank god for the songs that I’m calling ‘Ed Sheeran Part II.

Will this album break sales records? Probably male sales, thanks to Adele. Will it be at number one around the world for months? More than likely.

Check out the album below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran – “Divide” Review

  1. Totally agree I feel like it’s a rehash of a lot of his other stuff. Do you think he’ll be able to push the boundaries on his next album?


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