Emeli Sandé – “Live From Spotify, London” Review

Emeli Sandé never fails to impress with her live performances, and her live set for Spotify is no exception.

British Female Solo Artist Brit winner, Sandé has managed to sell out arenas and even the prestigious Royal Albert Hall solely on her voice and songwriting ability.

The live set starts out with the lead single from Long Live The Angels, “Hurts,” sends chills down your spine from the very first note. The racing verses make your heart beat faster and almost lose your breath, giving the effect of drowning in all the hurt.

Sandé’s voice gains more power as the song goes on and when it eventually reaches its peak, you can do nothing but marvel at her voice!

New single, “Highs & Lows” brings the only light and optimistic moment on the set and she manages to out-do to album version simply down to the power of her voice that doesn’t shine through on the official single.

“Breathing Underwater” didn’t quite light up the charts like previous Sandé ballads but this live version is stunning.

Written following the divorce from her husband, you can really feel the emotion put into the lyrics. “I believe in miracles, ’cause it’s a miracle I’m here” – whether she means alive or simply in a better place we don’t know, but it’s still a very powerful message.

Ending on possibly the best song of her career, “Read All About It, Pt. III,” really shows why Sandé is one of the greatest songwriters the country has to offer.

It was overplayed at the time, but after a few years break from the Sandé onslaught, you can really appreciate the greatness of the track. And as always her vocals are mesmerising!

Although she is incredibly successful, this live set proves why she should be even bigger, even on the same par as Adele.

What do you think of the live Spotify set? Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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