Charli XCX Premieres Three New Tracks From Upcoming Mixtape

Charli XCX may have pushed back her album but she’s not leaving us empty-handed, she’s only gone and previewed three new songs from her mixtape, Number 1 Angel, out Friday.

The feature heavy tracks are; “3AM (Pull Up)” featuring MØ, “Dreamer” featuring Raye and Starrah, and “Lipgloss” featuring CupcakKe.

Charli and MØ’s vocals work really well together on “3AM,” like were they made for each other or what?!

“Dreamer” is an autotune-heavy trap song that doesn’t really work by itself. Hopefully, it sounds better as part of the whole mixtape.

“Lipgloss,” again, is a trap and autotune-heavy track, however, this time it works a bit better out of mixtape context.

It’s important to keep relating the individual track back to Number 1 Angel as mixtapes usually follow a theme and sound, unlike an album – so hopefully as a whole package these songs will sound amazing!

“3AM” comes in at 3:50, “Dreamer” at 9:19 and “Lipgloss” at 16:28.

What do you think of the tracks? Are you excited for the mixtape? Let us know in the comments below!

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