ionnalee – “Samaritan” Review

ionnalee’s “Samaritan” is the kind of alt-pop that we need more of, accessible yet different.

You may recognise Swedish-born star, ionnalee, from band iamwhoiam who have been around for a while in the alt-pop world – well, now she’s going out for herself.

“Samaritan” opens with a kind of 1930s movie/theatre opening sequence before a harsh, and a quite frankly haunting beat comes crashing down – it feels like something out of a horror/thriller.

ionnalee’s vocals are strange and interesting enough to keep us to the first chorus where all hell breaks lose – in the best way possible.

It’s weird, it’s epic and it’s beautiful.

The rest of the song carries the same formula until the last 40-odd seconds which could have just been cut off the song.

Often, alt-pop is inaccessible and that’s why it stays on the outlines of mainstream culture. However, here it is commercial enough to breakthrough, as well as filling in the ‘weird’ gap in the marked that Gaga used to hold.

Check out the film-like music video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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