Lousia Johnson – “Best Behaviour” Review

Louisa Johnson is back with “Best Behaviour,” and just like with “So Good,” it just doesn’t feel enough.

When Johnson won X Factor UK in 2015 she looked as though she was going to be the next big thing, she was female (always a plus for X Factor winners), young and most importantly she could actually sing!

Then came “Tears” with Clean Bandit, a song that sounded epic but didn’t quite pack the punch it needed to. Similarly with her debut solo track “So Good,” it was enjoyable but something felt missing.

Now we’re at “Best Behaviour,” a song that has the same vibe as “So Good,” just with a better melody.

However, we’re here again, the song just falls short and it’s hard to put your finger on why. It’s a solid track, with a catchy chorus, a nice little breakdown and it fits right in with what’s popular now.

Is it that Johnson’s powerful vocals are distorted through the whole track? Is it that it’s a little too similar to “So Good?”

Honestly, I can’t tell you. It’s enjoyable and you wouldn’t skip it on a playlist (like “So Good”) but it’s just not enough.

Maybe Zara┬áLarsson has taken the only available place as the young blonde pop star of the moment – even if her last track also called “So Good” was rather crap.

What do you think of “Best Behaviour?” Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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