Nicki Minaj – “Regret In Your Tears” Review

Meek Mill better be hiding ’cause Nicki Minaj is coming for him on “Regret In Your Tears.”

“Tears” is one of the trio released yesterday (“No Frauds” and “Changed It” were the other two) and it comes from a different angle. While it still fires shots at Meek, it takes a more emotional approach rather than the aggressive nature of “Frauds! and “Changed.”

The track is instantly different to the others as it replaces a trap beat with more of a chilled tropical, almost “Take Care” (Drake) esque beat. The production sounds exactly right for the times, the songs theme and the style of Minaj’s flow on here.

Minaj opts for a different delivery to what we’re used to, a half singing and half rap flow which perfectly fits the vibe. It makes a change to the aggressive, or polar opposite, the playful side she often brings to her singles.

Lyrically the track takes aim at ex-boo, Meek Mill, claiming that he’s “been in the wrong so long you don’t even know right” – we’ve all had an ex like that, right!?

“Regret in your tears, now you taste ’em/’Cause you know I don’t chase, I replace ’em/Don’t rush, take time, take some/I just want the memories, tried to make some with you/Now I gotta erase some with you”

Meek, Minaj don’t want you in her mind no more – boy, bye!

Kudo points to anyone that noticed the nod to Pink Friday track, “Save Me” – “you said you would save me”

Check the track out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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