Song Of The Week: Elle King – “Wild Love” | Review

Elle King has just slayed the whole throwback vibe with her new track, “Wild Love.”

If you’ve listened to King in the past, you’ll know she usually has more of a rockier/country tone to her music – here she goes straight out pop!

“Wild Love” is one of these songs that starts out and you think, “I might enjoy this a bit.” The during the pre-chorus you’re like, “Oh yes, I like this a lot.” Then the chorus hits and you’re – if you’re like me as I’m reviewing this song – sat in your bed with your eyes closed, grooving and clicking your fingers, wishing you were on a dance floor all by yourself, feeling the music!

It has this vintage texture that adds to the fun and carefree nature of the track.

King’s voice fits perfectly into the modern yet vintage production – you almost end up hypnotised by the melody, it’s magical.

If you’re looking for your new ‘hands in the air’ and/or ‘dancing like nobodies looking’ track then you’ve found it with this piece of pop heaven!

The track is that amazing it’s joining Steps as joint Song Of The Week!

Check out this beautiful track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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