Wrabel – “Bloodstain” Review

Wrabel kills that whole emotion thing on his new single, “Bloodstain.”

Wrabel is flying under the radar for a while, having amazing singles that haven’t quite broken out in the way they should have, then came radio hit “11 Blocks.”

“Bloodstain” is very different to “Blocks,” it takes a lot more of a minimalist synth-pop ballad-esque approach, and it suits his voice wonderfully.

The understated beat allows Wrabel’s vocals to soar, especially in the bridge where the production practically cuts out for a second.

The main vocal point in this song is the repetition in the chorus, it adds an extra layer to what would be a straight synth-pop track.

Lyrically the song discusses the effect love and heartbreak has on you as a person over time.

“Been in and out of love since I was 19/Opening my heart has left a bloodstain/And I don’t know how to make a man stay/Maybe I’ve been putting my heart out in the wrong way”

Also, props to Wrabel for not using gender neutral terms like a lot of gay artists, more should follow suit!

What do you think of “Bloodstain?” Check the track out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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