Zara Larsson – “So Good” | Album Review

Zara Larsson’s first full international outing, So Good, delivers a mixed bag, but definitely many positives for her future.

Larsson has become one of the world’s brightest pop talents since exploding onto the international scene with “Lush Life” and cementing her road to greatness with MNEK on “Never Forget You.”

However, this album sees a young artist who has too many people above her trying to drag her in too many directions, which lands in a few hits and misses – fortunately for Larsson, more hits.

The highlights of the album remain with the singles released, the perfect pop moment that is “Lush Life,” the cheeky disco bop that’s “I Would Like,” the EDM banger “Ain’t My Fault” and the MNEK assisted “Never Forget You” – two of these are years old yet stand the test of time.

“TG4M” has a light tropical flavour that has a very understated beat that flows breezily, although Larsson doesn’t sound her most confident here. “Only Me” brings a different pace to the album and allows her vocals to soar over the beat instead of the other way round.

The only real break from the overly produced album comes in the form of “Can’t Fall In Love Without You,” even then the track falls on a mid-tempo beat that doesn’t stay true to the nature of the lyrics.

And that is really the problem with the album, it’s simply over-produced. It’s like it’s been left with a producer too long and they’ve tried to fix things that aren’t broken, the best example of this is “Sundown.”

If the constant “get on the bounce” from WizKid doesn’t drive you up the wall by the end of the song, you have the patience of a saint. It’s unneeded and quite frankly annoying – although it the final parts of the song makes up for it a little bit.

The rest of the tracks are alright, other than “Make That Money Girl,” but they are just album fillers that showcase the learning that Larsson still has left to do as an artist.

Have a listen to the album below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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