The Sound of Arrows – “Beautiful Life” | Review

The Sound of Arrows return with the euphoric, All Saints-vibed “Beautiful Life.”

Can you believe The Sound of Arrows haven’t released a single since 2011 or a remix since 2012?!? Five years is way too long to go without the Swedish Duo.

On “Beautiful Life,” they bring their classic Pet Shop Boy-esque dreamy pop style that makes the track perfect for the end of a sporting event video compilation.

The track brings a euphoric energy that lifts your spirits, and although the production isn’t overly complicated, it does its job.

There’s one thing we need to deal with here, and that is the All Saints “Pure Shores” similarities. Not only does it have the same laidback beach vibe, but it also contains the lyrics “if you hear what I hear,” that are sang almost identically to “Shores.”

If it’s intentional then we can forgive the duo, but if not then All Saints might just be on the phone to their lawyers.

What do you think of the track? Check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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