Misterwives – “Machine” | Reviews

Misterwives are back with their multi-genre new single, “Machine.”

Misterwives became household names three years ago with their cover of Vance Joy’s “Riptide,” before becoming known in their own right with the brilliant “Reflections.”

New track, “Machine,” combines a few genres, it starts out with a gospel vibe before running into an aggressive, rock-esque, yet still noticeably┬ápop verses. Then the chorus hits with a classic folk-pop edge yet the delivery of the lyrics has a country theme.

It’s a weird mix, but the band pull it off without sounding like they’re trying to cram them all into one song.

Singer, Mandy Lee’s vocals are instantly recognisable and probably the thing fans and general listeners link most with the band, so say this came on the radio, without knowing for sure it was a Misterwives track, you could probably guess.

The bridge also contains a nice little surprise, a little rap/talk-singing line or two, which again, adds to the many layers this track contains.

Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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