Iggy Azalea – “Mo Bounce” | Review

“Mo Bounce” makes you wish Iggy Azalea stayed on her hiatus.

Three years ago, Azalea was on par with Nicki Minaj as the biggest female rapper in the world following the release of smash hits, “Fancy” and “Black Widow” – then came her downfall. She was hit with cultural appropriation issues as she was a white hip-hop artist, then came “Pretty Girls” with Britney Spears which was a hot mess.

Last year she hit us with buzz cut “Team,” while it wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t quite the standard we came to love from Azalea.

Now, after a year working on new material, she’s back, with the absolutely terrible “Mo Bounce.”

What confuses me about this track is that it’s gone through countless people on her record label, and even they have passed it for single release.

First of all, the chorus is shit. Both the production and the lyrics are repetitive and quite frankly annoying.

The production then carries through the whole song without any change, making the song extremely monotonous and almost unlistenable.

The only good this about this track is Azalea’s flow on the verses, which she always kills – but not even that can save this hot mess of a song.

Azalea, if this is the best you’ve managed to come up with for Digital Distortion, please bin it and start again.

Check out the mess below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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