Song Of The Week: Kyla La Grange – “Love Harder” | Review

Kyla La Grange may just have her first crossover hit, with the garage-influenced, “Love Harder.”

La Grange as been flying just above (but not too far above) the radar for a while, releasing amazing song after amazing song to critical, but not commercial, recognition.

“Love Harder” is a garage-influenced pop song that suits her voice perfectly. The production, typical to the garage genre, doesn’t necessarily follow the flow of the lyrics which (I find) can sometimes take away from the track. However, here it doesn’t as La Grange takes charge.

Lyrically the track is about putting more into a relationship when you’re in the slump that all couples get into.

Oh lately, you stand away from my hands, away from my hands/Oh lately, you ask what do I lack, what do I lack?/’Cause if you wanna feel good with someone, then you gotta feel good without/What do I lack?

La Grange sings this truly beautifully in a ballad kinda way, so it’s nice to have the opposite sound in the production – Craig David would be proud.

Check out “Love Harder” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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