Alex Vargas – “7 Sins” | Review

Alex Vargas takes a different angle on love with his new single, “7 Sins.”

2017 is Vargas’s year, not only is his track, “Higher Love,” be the soundtrack to the new Diesel campaign, but he is readying the release of his debut album, “Cohere,” out Mar.31.

“7 Sins” is a synthy piano lead track that builds anticipation throughout – you can literally feel your heart beating faster as the song plays. During the bridge where the production dims, the tension skyrockets.

The main feature of this track is its lyrics. Love has been the main topic for of songs since the year dot, but rarely is it discussed in such a way.

“Even after 7 sins, everybody wants somebody once again/Once we get around the bend, everybody wants somebody once again/Why we’re willing? How we’re able? I just don’t understand”

Rather than being in first, or even third person, love is being discussed more like an object. Why, after all the pain and hurt that love puts us through, do we all want it?

“7 Sins” is a compelling track that, unlike most pop songs, leaves you thinking at the end.

Check out “7 Sins” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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