Blondie – “Long Time” | Review

Blondie bring back their classic 80s sound for their new single, ” Long Time.”

Blondie, especially Debbie Harry, are icons! Their music is known amongst the masses today, and they still influence people today, not only with their music but their attitude to.

Their comeback single “Fun” failed to make the mark needed to bring the excitement needed for an album launch – “Long Time” is here to sort that out.

Within seconds of playing the song, you’re very aware that you’re listening to a Blondie song, it contains everything from their “Call Me” era – in fact, the verses sound quite similar to their iconic track!

The fact it sounds like Blondie song makes it great, but it’s also its weakness.

While you want a band to stay true to their sound, you need them to progress and experiment – this just sounds like a straight throwback.

The great thing about “Fun” was it did exactly that, sounding like them but not too much.

Blondie, we love you, but please let the album sound like experimental Blondie rather than a carbon copy!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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