Oh no! – Adele May Never Tour Again!

Worldwide mega-star, Adele, has stated on the final date of her Adele Live Tour that she doesn’t know if she’s ever going to tour again.

That’s right, the star that has broken more records than it’s safe to think about has told all her loyal fans that she probably won’t tour again – if you follow Adele, you’ll know this isn’t the first time she’s mentioned it.

Adele suffers from stage fright, if you haven’t heard this, where have you been?!

When she headlined Glastonbury in 2015, she told the press that she has been asked before, but turned it down due to the thought of it petrified her.

She said that this tour was for her fans, as a thank you for buying her records and meeting the overwhelming demand people had to see her live.

She says that “touring isn’t for her,” but some of the classic Adele moments that have come from her touring are priceless.

Recently, she’s been attacked by an insect, shouted at security and twerked – you can’t even write it.

While we don’t want her to stop touring, it makes sense – she wants to see her son, Angelo, grow up, something she’s missed while touring.

Although, it can’t be said that she might tour again in a little while – ten years away. That will be after Angelo has grown up and she may have just gotten over this mammoth world tour.

Check out the funniest clips from her tour below! Comment your favourite memories of Adele’s tour!

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