Phantoms – “Just A Feeling” ft. Vérité | Review

Phantoms team up with amazing pop star, Vérité, for their new single, “Just A Feeling.”

Electronic duo, Phantoms, have been releasing banger after banger for a while, and they’re releasing their self-titled debut album this Friday. While Vérité is possibly the next big thing, I mean, listen to “Phase Me Out” and tell me it’s not a tune!

The track has strong La Roux vibes, but it doesn’t sound like a carbon copy – thank god, because house music recently is becoming more and more boring.

Vérité voice suits this song perfectly, her pitchy tones juxtaposed against the harsh, deeper synths make for a nice variety of sounds that keep this song more of a duet than a feature.

Although this track is a solid 8/10, it is pretty long, at 4:45. Nowadays, the average listener doesn’t have that much of an attention span, so towards the 3:30 mark, your mind does start to wonder a little.

If the boy’s album has similar vibes to this track, it’s sure to be fire!!

Also, Vérité, please drop an album soon!!!

Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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