Seramic – “Same Mistakes” | Review

Seramic manages to “Same Mistakes” an effortlessly cool, retro groove that all the family could enjoy.

Imagine the sounds of Justin Timberlake circa 20/20 ExperienceStevie Wonder and Prince in one song – sounds pretty great in your head, right?!

Retro is in right now, look at Bruno Mars shooting up the charts with his album of throwback vibed tracks – spoiler, this track sounds better than his “Uptown Funk” knockoffs.

While listening to the track you will definitely feel some gospel influences, as well as the jazz and electro feels weaved into the song, which is what brings the JT vibes.

It all could have gone wrong, trying to mix the old with the new often fails, but this track just comes off really cool and fun.

One of the highlights of the track is its false starts, where you expect the chorus to start is put backwards by half a second, which tricks the mind – it’s nice to have a song that doesn’t just follow a typical template.

Yes, the chorus isn’t exactly mindblowing lyrically, but it does its job!

The track will be released on the Mar.28.

Check out Seramic’s Soundcloud!

Are you excited for the release? Let us know in the comments below!

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