Calvin Harris – “Heatstroke” ft. Young Thug, Pharell Williams & Ariana Grande | Review

Calvin Harris teams up with a few of pop’s biggest stars, Ariana Grande, Pharell Williams and Young Thug, for the very average, “Heatstroke.”

Harris is possibly the world’s most well-known producer, crafting hits with Rihanna like “We Found Love,” as well as his own hits such as “Summer” and “My Way.” They all became hits because they were all kind of generic, but generic in the best, and most fun way possible.

Now, with his last two releases, “Slide” with Frank Ocean and “Heatstroke,” Harris has gone more for the musical integrity than smash hit status, which by any means isn’t a bad thing, but it doesn’t deliver the kind of hit we all expect from him.

My main problem with this track is the throwback vibe. Now, I’m completely down for a track that contains throwback influences, but when it just jumps on the vibes that Bruno Mars has already killed (the bad killed, not the slaying kind of killed) with his latest album, it just turns me right off the track.

Secondly, is there any need for Pharell to feature here? Like most things he’s credited on, he makes the odd murmur across the track and he probably gets the same royalties as Thug.

And there’s my final problem with the song, Thug sounds just like Kanye West, for the most part, in fact, before I knew who the features were, I thought it was Kanye! I mean, it’s not his fault he sounds like someone else, but on a track with three other big names, his name kinda gets lost.

But on the positive side, Grande sounds amazing, and Harris, although it’s not the EDM smash we’re used to, he’s produced it perfectly.

We had all better get used of the new, EDM-less Harris, it looks like he’s here to stay.

Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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