Cheat Codes – “No Promises” ft. Demi Lovato | Review

Demi Lovato teams up with “Sex” hitmakers, Cheat Codes, for new single, “No Promises.”

Cheat Codes are famous for one song that heavily sampled Salt-N-Pepa‘s “Let’s Talk About Sex,” it was practically a remixed version tbh. Demi Lovato is famous for being kind of a huge pop star that’s still trying to find herself.

Let’s talk about all the positives first…

Lovato actually sounds really good, once the modulation on her voice has been turned off and it’s allowed to soar towards the end of the song.

The lyric “promise me no promises” is a pretty smart oxymoron so well done to the songwriters.

No the negatives…

What’s the fucking point?! Cheat Codes sound like Justin Bieber most of the time, and their production is tired and totally generic – when you have a voice as strong as Lovato’s, fucking use it more. We all know big voices over an EDM beat sounds great!

My main problem with Lovato is the¬†fact she has no idea who she is as an artist. One minute she’s the vulnerable girl and the next she is strutting her stuff for “Cool In The Summer.”

It’s cool to mix it up a bit, but still sound like you! Beyonc√© manages to do it with every album release, and so does Gaga.

This song will be a good club bop after a few too many vodkas, but it’s probably going to get skipped if you’re on the way to work.

Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts below.

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