Leah McFall – “Happy Human” | Review

Leah McFall is back to slay us all with “Happy Human,” off the glorious new EP, Ink.

So, The Voice doesn’t produce the stars that X Factor does, but sometimes it sends us a star that is fucking great, like Becky Hill and actual winner, Leah McFall.

Let’s be honest, her debut single, “Home,” wasn’t the banger we all needed in our life, but McFall has gone back into the studio and crafted something that will make all our lives a little bit better.

“Happy Human” is the right mix of dark pop and the more commercialised synth-pop. McFall’s five-octave vocal range really helps with the weirdness and dark vibes of the track – the high notes really do something to you.

Lyrically, the song discusses being able to feel heartbreak, and general pains in life, and that these things make you stronger and a better person, unlike an emotionless machine.

“Won’t trade my heart for metal/It’s better to be breakable than rust/I wanna fall in love, I wanna fall in love/I’m happy to be human, happy to be human/Don’t you know that.”

So, there we go, on one day two alums from The Voice UK have released two absolute solid tracks!

Check out “Happy Human” below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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