Cashmere Cat – “9 ( After Coachella)” ft. MØ & SOPHIE | Review

Cashmere Cat may have released one of the worst tracks of the year with “9 (After Coachella)”, with a little help from  and SOPHIE.

I’ve championed MØ ever since I heard her debut album, No Mythologies To Follow, which blended her unique sound with girl band like vocal layering and indie-pop vibes – it really was a brilliant album.

Since then she’s gone more the EDM route and features a lot with big name producers like DJ Snake and Major Lazor.

Cashmere Cat, on the other hand, hasn’t really had a major hit, he’s been the producer for some big names, but is still awaiting a hit of his own.

“9” starts off promising, with a tropical xylophone sound and MØ’s classic sweet yet muffled vocals, before an EDM clapping track kicks the song into gear.

And then comes the worst sound I think I’ve ever heard.

An industrial, metal banging breakdown kicks in, and it’s so jarring it actually makes the song unlistenable, it’s truly horrible.

It’s a shame that the breakdown gets in the way so much because the verses and singing part of the chorus is actually pretty nice.

Not sure whether the monstrous sound was created by Cat or SOPHIE – but please kill it!

Check out the terrible song below and let us know your thoughts!

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