Tei Shi – “Say You Do” | Review

Tei Shi delivers a masterclass in R’n’B and pop blending with the wonderfully breezy, “Say You Do.”

Shi may only be 26, but she’s been working toward the release of her debut album, Crawl Space, for a while, releasing two near perfect EPs over the last few years.

One of the brightest moments on said album comes in the form of the “Say You Do.”

On the album it sticks out for a number of reasons, the first being is its straightforward pop approach, where most other tracks lean toward more R’n’B, experimental themes. The second is that it’s stuck between two interludes, the first ending with “I just hope one day I can be like Britney Spears” – perhaps to prove she can do a perfect pop moment like the Princess used to deliver (and still does from time to time).

The breathy vocal mixed with the pitchy tones in the chorus help entwine the melodies and blend perfectly into each other, rather than being sonically jarring.

The production meets somewhere between Kelly Rowlands R’n’B-pop blend and the melodic sounds of the 80s that Ralph implemented into her track, “Tease” – if Keri Hilson makes a comeback, this is what it should sound like!

Check out “Say You Do” along with the rest of Shi’s amazing debut album below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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