Angel Haze – “Candlxs” | Reviews

Angel Haze shows off how far her vocals can stretch on new single, “Candlxs.”

We’ve become used to Nicki Minaj releasing a singing song, but Haze is now going after her rapper-singer crown, on the rather beautiful “Candlxs.”

The track is a nice surprise from the artist we’re used to hearing spitting bars, better than what she’s given credit for, may I add.

“Candlxs” starts with the typical sound we’re used to with Haze, rapping with her rapid fire skills, but 50 seconds in, it all changes and Haze’s soft vocals take centre stage.

If you’ve listened to Haze before, you’ll know she can hold a note (“Bruises” anyone?!), but this song really proves what a good singer she is – and best of all, it sounds natural!!

Lyrically, “Candlxs” is a really nice love song – something you don’t expect from rappers. Although she did say that she was done with rapping, so maybe we’re going to get used to this side of Haze.

You told me you ain’t wanna do it/Said love was for stupid people and cupid/I swore to you that I could make you lose it, and now I got you dancing to my music.

Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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