Iggy Azalea Finally Reveals “Digital Distortion” Release Date

Iggy Azalea, at long last, has revealed the release date for her sophomore album, Digital Distortion – the first week of June.

Azalea splits opinion right down the middle, you either love her or hate her – if you hate her, at least admit she has good flow, please!

Fresh off the release of “Mo Bounce,” which was absolutely terrible,” comes the news of this releases. She said that she’d be promoting the single, and album with a strong of TV appearances like Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel – let be honest, “Mo Bounce” needs a fucking miracle!

After lead single, “Team,” came out over a year ago (YES, AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!), the hype was pretty high for the release, but after almost two years of silence, it’s kinda wavered, and unless a killer tune like “Fancy” is released before the LPs release, then I fear it may flop harder than “Mo Bounce.”

However, the album is hopefully worth a listen, because Azalea is often overlooked for her actual ability, and this girl can rap!

If you haven’t checked out her first album, The New Classic, go now and listen to “Goddess” off it – it will slay your existence, in fact, I’ll post it below!

Check out “Goddess” below and let us know your thoughts on the track and the news of the Digital Distortion release!

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