Wrabel – “Bloodstain” | Music Video

Wrabel has released an emotional video for his amazing track, “Bloodstain.”

We covered “Bloodstain” back when it was released, and we absolutely loved it then, but along with its visuals, this song takes a turn towards the dark side.

The video takes the idea of love and heartbreak and amplifies that feeling by a million – or in some cases, what it actually feels like when you’re going through heartbreak – death.

This video is not only great because of the emotional side, it’s great because it’s what you want the video to look like.


Let me explain. When Little Mix released the “No More Sad Songs” video, it left you underwhelmed, because it wasn’t what you expected from simply listening to the track, even though it was an okay video.

Whereas here, on “Bloodstain,” it’s half what you expected (e.g. flashing lights), and part surprise (a fucking death!).

Well done, Wrabel!

Check out the heart-wrenching video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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