Tara Carosielli – “Holloway Road” | Review

Bow down to Tara Carosielli, she’s made one of the most intriguing pop songs of the year with “Holloway Road.”

Carosielli sounds set to become the best thing in pop music if her latest release, “Holloway Road” is anything to go by. Previous tracks like “Leave You Lonely” and “Sanity” gave us a taste of her brilliance, “Holloway” gives us spades of it.

The subtle production sits under the verses while Carosielli’s┬ásultry voice controls the pace of the song – even the first chorus is chilled with the understated production. Some songs wander into the lane of boring when the production is as relaxed as this, but her voice intrigues you and makes you enter a dream-like state.

The production comes into its own on the second chorus and the electronic influences on the track perfectly match the emotion that Carosielli exudes.

Synthy electronic songs often produce the best in pop, but this song storms right to the top of the list!

Something about the way her voice meets and often leads, the production is magical.

Please release an EP, or preferably an album soon!

Check out the brilliant track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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