Harry Styles Dishes Details On His Upcoming Album

Harry Styles upcoming album will be called Harry Styles (original) and will drop May 12 (pretty soon).

He’s on track to reach the top of the charts (number one or two, probably two ’cause Spotify fucked up) tomorrow, with “Sign Of The Times.” If you’ve heard it, you’ll know it’s very Bowie, and it gets pretty boring towards the end.

Its parent albums cover features Styles taking a quick soak in murky pink water – Lush bath bomb?

Like the single cover, Styles isn’t facing the camera, maybe the tracks are all mysterious?

Along with the release date and the single cover, he’s also gone and dropped the track listing – treating us, isn’t he!?

The ten track names are:

“Meet Me In The Hallway!
“Sign Of The Times”
“Two Ghosts”
“Sweet Creature”
“Only Angel”
“Kiwi” (totally didn’t read this as ‘kiki’)
“Ever Since New York”
“From The Dining Table”

You can pre-order the album from tomorrow!!

Check out “Sign Of The Times” below and let us know your thoughts about the album release in the comments!

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