Sarah Close – “Caught Up | EP Review

YouTube star, Sarah Close, is here with her first EP, in the form of the four-track Caught Up.

We covered Close’s first single, “Call Me Out,” just over a month ago and we were excited back then to hear what this EP would sound like – thankfully it keeps its form up!

The EP has sonic continuity which is a treat because often, EPs will have a scattergun approach where the artist tries to show off everything they can do over a few tracks – it can get too much.

But here, each track compliments the last and feels like a natural progression as you listen to each of the four tracks.

“Caught Up” sounds similar to Bridget Mendler‘s “Ready Or Not,” but it has less of a commercial pop feel. While “Call Me Out” was more of an alt-pop track, this has more of a radio friendly vibe without selling out to a commercial sound.

Acting as an interlude, “Perfect After All” is a 1:22 long, so pretty short. Close’s vocals are modulated the whole way through, so it’s a good job it’s a short one because it could get pretty annoying over three minutes. Lyrically the song discusses an ex-relationship and looking back at it, and finally realising that they were “perfect after all.”

“Maestro” has an epic vibe to it, acting like a classic album closer. The track is very haunting, production wise and lyrically, “things are good, ’cause I’m not dead yet” – dark I know!

Altogether, the EP flows and Close sounds confident! Coming from a woman that covered tracks on YouTube, she seems to have her particular sound nailed, and fresh for a YouTube star, it doesn’t ponder – it’s original!

Check the EP out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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