Black Astroid – “Howl” ft. Zola Jesus | Review

Bow the fuck down to the disgustingly amazing “Howl,” by Black Asteroid and the heavenly, Zola Jesus.

I feel I’ve made a mistake – because the world is a massive dick, I somehow didn’t hear this track on new music playlists yesterday, and if I did, it would have been our Song Of The Week – thanks, world. But that doesn’t matter because I’m going to stan for it here and we’ll all know that it is the ‘Shoulda¬†been Song Of The Week’.

15 seconds in a huge dirty beat kicks in and it fills your body with an energy you probably didn’t know you had.

Like, this song takes me to a grimmy nightclub at 4am in the morning when all the waifs and strays are left, we’re all off our nut on vodka and we’re so deep into the music we don’t give a flying fuck.

I first heard this song when I had my headphones in on the bus, surrounded by old people – it was extremely hard to control myself this ginormous beat is breathtaking – well done, Asteroid!

Let’s not forget about the vocals on this song, delivered by Jesus (Zola, not the actual Jesus), her distorted vocals fit perfectly with the heavy synths in the song and her tone perfectly matches the vibe of the track!

Check out the brilliant song below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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