Blood Red Shoes – “Eye To Eye” | Review

Blood Red Shoes (a rock band) have released a brilliant track in the form of “Eye To Eye” (not really a rock song).

If you’ve listened to the band before you’ll be used to their more alt-rock sound, more typical rock. Well, they’ve changed their shit up for new single, “Eye To Eye.”

The track is more alt-pop than alt-rock with the production largely sitting in the backseat, offering a haunted vibe to the song.

The haunting sound is matched and helped by the elongating of lyrics at the end of a line, it’s only a small detail but it really works in favour of the single.

Lead-singer, Laura-May Carter, sounds great over the more minimalist track, and yes, her vocals have been modulated, but that doesn’t take away from her vocals – in fact, the modulation helps with the tracks eerie vibe.

Also, this cover art is just life. They have really joined up all the dots on the haunted theme!

Check the track out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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