Tine Tempah – “Not For The Radio” ft. MNEK | Review

The criminally underrated MNEK turns this song up from good to great – oh, Tine Tempah is also here.

So, Tempah is more than just ‘here’, it’s actually his song. But you know, it’s 2017, we know what to expect to hear from him now – no shade though, back in the day, I lived for Tempah, like Discovery was my jam album

MNEK takes hold of the chorus and his voice is just glorious, whenever you hear it, it just feels great – soulful and powerful yet it works so well with big beats it’s usually surrounded by.

Let’s just talk about him for a second, he has released some of the best tracks of the last couple of year, “Never Forget You,” “The Rhythm” and “I Wrote A Song About You” were fucking JAMS!

So yeah, Tempah delivers his usual flow. It was fun back in 2010/2011 but now it’s just starting to get a little tiresome, go listen to “Girls Like” and tell me his flow isn’t the exact same to what he’s released before.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice flow and he always sounds good, but enough is enough – mix it up a bit.

Oh, and I bet you didn’t know this, Tempah released an album yesterday! Formally one of the UKs biggest rappers, now you don’t even know he’s got a new record out.

Check the track out below (for MNEK tbh) and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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