Will Joseph Cook – “Sweet Dreamer” | Album Review

Will Joseph Cook brings some serious summer indie-pop vibes on his debut album, “Sweet Dreamer.”

We covered Cook just a couple of weeks ago when he released “Plastic” as a taster for the album, but the album stretches further than the vibes we heard on that – and it mostly works!

The album kicks out the gate with the country-tinged, “Biggest Fan,” where Cook sounds a bit like Luke Pritchard, from The Kooks. But don’t let that distract you, he sounds fantastic, and the light country vibes work perfectly as an opener and the vibes aren’t too strong.

The first six tracks give you indie-pop (more pop-leaning) realness where you can really here the Bombay Bicycle Club influences (well, lead singer, Jack Steadman is a producer) across the more upbeat tracks.

The highlights are the already covers summer jam, “Plastic” and “Beach –  I Wanna Make You Mine.” The latter starts off rather subdue, where Cooks vocals take the lead, but at the chorus, it explodes into another summer bop. It has a slower groove than some of the previous tracks but it totally works.

Is the album perfect? No, it isn’t. There are a few fillers here, but least they’re not bad fillers, they keep the with the theme of the album and that’s great.

But the saving grace for this album is the brilliant “Habit.”

Lyrically, the song compares addictions like smoking to the way he feels about a girl when he’s not with her. For such a young singer-songwriter this is brilliantly written.

I smell my clothes and think of you.

That lyric alone takes you back to the way you were in your teenagers and thinking about that person you fell for – you can tell this album has been written as Cook’s been growing up.

Possibly the best thing about this album is that it sounds like the sound that emerged around 2006 with The Kooks and Razorlight – it takes you back!

Check the album out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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