Lady Gaga – Coachella | Live Review

Lady Gaga owned the Coachella stage with hits from every era (yes, even the under-appreciated ARTPOP), leaving us to think – Glastonbury 2017?

A lot of people were worried Gaga wouldn’t be able to fill to huge boots of Beyoncé on the huge stage – by god, did she prove them wrong?

Opening her her 20 song setlist was a weird interlude where Gaga had an octopus tentacle wobbling around in her mouth…shouldn’t be surprised she always has a strange opening interlude.

That’s as weird as it got – there were no shocking outfits, no sick painting fiascos, nothing, but it worked for the better – keeping the focus solely on the music.

Busting through “Scheiße, “Lovegame,” “John Wayne” and “Just Dance” Gaga gave us vocals, dance and crowd interaction.

Now, the later is bigger than you think. Artists often perform and just say “thanks for coming” to their audience, creating no bond. Gaga on the other hand constantly talks to them, joking, swearing and just being a human – unlike the sometimes robotic Beyoncé…no shade!

One of the surprises of the performance is that she didn’t ignore ARTPOP, “Sexx Dreams” and “Venus” were performed, the latter being FUCKING AMAZING. Not only is it one of Gaga’s best songs, but live it connects so well, the big and weird production is made for the atmosphere of a festival. Even “Applause” was played at the end…not sung, just played – but it worked.

The main surprise though was left for “The Cure,” a new single that Gaga has waited to drop live! We literally just did a review of the track which wasn’t exactly ecstatic, but live, the track came to life. The chorus is big enough to captivate the audience, even though they’ve never heard it before.

What I must say, although it’s not Gaga, the track is definitely different to the rest of her discography so it sticks out – and to be honest that’s a good thing!

Was the night perfect? Of course not, and Gaga wouldn’t have it any other way! She isn’t a perfect artist, she revels in imperfection, so when things like; moving around in a box during “Telephone,” and changing the colour of her guitar using an app during “Ayo” didn’t really come together, it didn’t matter.

We have to talk about the moment she kicked a dancer – iconic! During “John Wayne” she pretended to shoot a dancer and he dropped to the floor, while she was strolling across the stage she must have forgotten he was there and tripped over him. She then kicked him and shouted, “get out of my fucking way” – GAGGING!

The true highlight of the night was when Gaga stripped things back to just her and a piano. Singing “The Edge Of Glory” which she always slays live, “Speechless” which gave us a lump in our throat, even though the song is written about her father, some lyrics could relate to her recent break up with Taylor Kinney, and “You and I.” The latter truly came to life! It’s the perfect mix of pop, country and rock, and it totally works live and Gaga seemed to really connect with fans during the few minutes she performed it – in contrast to where she seemed disconnected during “Alejandro” and “Teeth.”

She ended the main setlist on a remixed version of “Million Reasons,” daring to differ to what people know, but the increase in energy worked as she ran to the audience and seemed like she was home. One of the most enjoyable things to watch about Gaga live is how much she connects with the music and atmosphere, because not only is she a singer, she’s a music fan!

The encore contained “Poker Face,” which to be honest, we forgot about -which says something, one of her biggest hits wasn’t actually needed when she has so many other! ” Bad Romance” obviously closed the show, the final moment to connect with the fans that had given her so much love and adoration over the last hour and a half.

Gaga really comes into her own when she’s live – possibly more than any other artist out there.

For those wondering if Beyoncé would be missed…she was not!

Check out the performance over at Lady Gaga Now and let us know what you think in our comments section below!

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