Lady Gaga – “The Cure” | Review

The Queen Lady Gaga delivers a song that fits right into what’s popular right now with “The Cure,” but it’s missing the Gaga we all fell in love with!

Don’t know whether you heard, but Gaga performed at Coachella overnight in place of Beyoncé. While I desperately search for a recording of the set, we’re going to plonk up a review of the track she dropped during the performance.

Let’s get one thing straight, this is a good song! It sounds current, the vocals are sweet and there’s no showboating like other singers might have done…Xtina!

And, she’s returned to proper pop (well, tropical house) which fans have been begging to hear for literally four years!


This is not Gaga. She is at her very best when she turns the dial right up to weird, I mean, have you listened to “Venus” or “Government Hooker?!”

“The Cure” is very safe and sounds like an attempt to stay current and get a chart hit around the world, because other than “Million Reasons” peaking at four on the Billboard Hot 100, she hasn’t really produced a mega-hit in the last few years – not that she wants or needs to.

She did state in an interview that she’d never release a song just to be cool – sorry but this sounds like it.

Like I said, this track isn’t bad – in fact, it’s actually really fucking catchy, but it’s not Gaga!

After thought - I have listened to this track non-stop since writing this, 
and it's deffinitely a grower. Gaga can literally turn her hand to anything
and it's amazing! Still not Gaga though, I am sticking to that!

Check the track out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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