Lady Gaga Dominates UK iTunes Charts

Lady Gaga may be heading for her first U.K number one in over seven years with “The Cure.”

When you think of Gaga, you think Queen, the hits…the meat dress – well, yes to all of those things, but she hasn’t topped the U.K charts since 2010 with the Beyoncé-assisted “Telephone.”

While she has reached number one in other countries, it’s been quite a few years there too, “Born This Way” being her last US chart topper.

However, after going for a more mainstream sound with her Coachella debuted single, “The Cure,” she looks to reclaim her place at the top of the charts.

The track which was released yesterday has already knocked Harry Styles off the top of the iTunes Charts – and after his lacklustre first-week sales, knocking him off the top all together doesn’t seem too much of a difficult task.


The problem for Gaga now is staying there, a lot of her lead singles reach the top of iTunes charts around the world, but often fail to stay there.

However, with this being Gaga’s most typically mainstream track in years, she has a chance as the general public will gravitate back towards her, rather than just her dedicated Little Monsters.

Check “The Cure” out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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