Paramore – “Hard Times” | Review

Paramore have officially gone pop on their comeback track, “Hard Times.”

The band have started tip-toeing away from their rock roots on their self-titled last album, with tracks like “Still Into You,” but they still remained rock at their core.

“Hard Times,” quite frankly, doesn’t.

It’s indie-pop, lying very far to the pop side, unashamedly.

But, away from the fact they’ve sold out, the track is actually pretty catchy.

There’s not much to talk about from a production value, it’s a typical 80s-esque indie-pop.

But Hayley Williams voice sounds perfect over this less rock beat, it just flows nicely against the indie tones.

Whether or not die-hard Paramore fans will stick with the band or not is yet to be seen. But from a pop perspective, welcome to our pop shores!

Check out their new track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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