Amtrac – “Some Of Them” ft. MELI | Reviews

Amtrac and MELI take us right back, with their 90s house inspired track, “Some Of Them.”

Last week, we had the awesome Black Astroid with “Howl,” which brought in past house influences – on a darker scale. Amtrac is going at it with more of a light sound, but that beat is disgustingly good!

At nearly six minutes long, you’d expect this song to feel like it goes on forever…but it doesn’t, the beat is the exact same from start to end, but the different layers and elements that are brought in keep the song from becoming tedious.

The track really does take you back to a 90s club/rave (not that I was there, being born in 1995, but I can imagine), you get lost in the production which is hard hitting yet still dreamy!

MELI’s vocals help with the throwback vibes, the raspy tone to her voice perfectly fits within the beats of the track – taking us back to a Robin S., “Show Me Love” kinda time.

Check the track out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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