MØ – “Nights With You” | Review

 returns with her new single, “Nights With You,” but we’re still missing the old MØ.

mo 2

Let’s get one this straight, this song is a relatively good song, I mean, it doesn’t really go anywhere, but it’s a nice little bop – other than the final 20 seconds where there’s the mechanical sound that we heard in her feature with Cashmere Cat – why?!?!

Also, kudos for sounding slightly more like old MØ than she has on the last few singles – but that’s not hard when your voice is as unique as hers.

The problem we have is that MØ has turned her back on the sound that made her different, that made her stick out, that made this little music fan back her.

The switch from indie-pop and alt-dance came at the hands of the inescapable, “Lean On” with Major Lazor. It was a good track, and soon after, producers we’re coming at her left, right and centre to get her to appear on their latest electro banger.

MØ had a lot of success her, so obviously this would alter her music in some way, and when “Kamikaze” was released, it was great, old MØ with new MØ qualities – but it didn’t exactly set the charts alight, so next song, “Final Song” went a little more electro, to more success – now there’s “Up All Night.”

While it isn’t full on electro and does hold some of the mysterious qualities she held on No Mythologies To Follow, it’s still a far cry from the music that originally got her noticed.

Now, this has turned into more of an Artist Watch than a review…we’ll get back to the song.

It’s good and will probably do alright on the charts, but please, MØ, give this music journalist just one song of old, pre-major success MØ.

Check the track out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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