No Frills Twins – “Love Me Tender” | Review

No Frills Twins bring their edgy alt-pop vibes to their attitude packed new single, “Love Me Tender.”

The twins, Vanessa and Arna Rogers, first came to become known when they entered a competition for the best cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” since then they have natured their sound into a cross between Haim and the catchy bubblegum choruses of Katy Perry.

“Love Me Tender” opens with more of a light-rock vibe that runs through both verses, which is in direct contrast to the extremely pop chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on Teenage Dream.

The breakdown in the chorus adds another element to the track, it brings in alt-dance and electro vibes which are suited for nightclubs.

The girl’s vocals are unique which helps make this song different to other left of centre pop tracks, you can hear their distinctiveness especially on the bridge where it’s more spoken word.

This track would probably jump straight to number one if it was released by Demi Lovato or Perry, but it’s not, so we will all have to appreciate it, who cares about the mainstream!?

Check the track out below and let us know below what you think in the comments!

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