Stockholm Noir – “Hopeless Dreams” | Review

The self-named ‘Black Shadow of Electronic Music,’ Stockholm Noir, brings serious dark euro-house vibes on their/his/its debut single, “Hopeless Dreams.”

I’ve sat here for like 20 minutes trying to figure out whether Noir is a single artist, producer or a band, so I’ve given up, they are a mysterious entity.

“Hopeless Dreams” has similar vibes to “Euphoria” by 2011 Eurovision winner, Loreen – before you judge it, it’s not typical Euro trash – it’s fucking amazing.

The heavy bassline that carries the song takes you straight to the club, along with the understated vocals it’s a piece of modern day house perfection.

The verses race towards an expected blowout on the chorus, but then the pre-chorus arrived and takes away the bassline for a few moments, leaving you almost suspended, anticipating what will come next.

You’ll be happy to hear it’s not a shitty house breakdown. What we’re greeted with is a rather restrained (for an electronic house song) pop-ish chorus.

The vocal here is simply stunning! It suits the track perfectly, the pitchy tones juxtaposed against the deeper bassline and it sounds amazing. I could listen to her voice all day!

This is a debut single, just imagine what’s coming next!!

Check out the track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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