Katy Perry – “Bon Appétit” ft. Migos | Review

Katy Perry is back with her new single, “Bon Appétit” with Migos, but does it hit the sweet spot her hits usually do?


“Chained To The Rhythm” was a nice change for Perry’s sound, and while it didn’t go on to reach the heights of her previous hits, it showed she was taking more control as an artist – after all, ‘purposeful pop’ became a thing.

“Bon Appétit” starts out like a track you’d find on Teenage Dream, but then it continues to…well nowhere.

The verses are very underwhelming, however, they seem to be racing towards something, but when the chorus hits, it’s just a very anti-climatic.

Perry’s vocals are also auto-tuned throughout the track, which from what I can hear, do absolutely nothing for the track.

Migos’s verse also seems very pointless, and while their flow is great and lyrically it fits right in, it just seems meh when surrounded by the rest of the meh-ness.

Where “Chained” seemed like a step forward for one of the world’s biggest artists, “Bon Appétit” sounds like a major step backwards.

On a positive note, it’s kinda catchy – but when is Perry ever going to release a non-catchy single? Never, that’s when!

Check out “Bon Appétit” out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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